ex|press1 W1S2 [ıkˈspres] v [T]
2¦(particular emotion)¦
3 something expresses itself
5¦(feeding babies)¦
[Date: 1300-1400; Origin: Early French expresser, from Latin expressus; EXPRESS2]
1.) ¦(FEELING)¦
to tell or show what you are feeling or thinking by using words, looks, or actions
express your views/opinions
Bill's not afraid to express his opinions.
Parents have expressed their concerns about their children's safety.
She expressed an interest in seeing York.
express sth in/by/through sth
Express your reasons for applying in simple terms.
express sympathy/fear/anger etc
She doesn't express her emotions as much as he does.
express thanks/gratitude (for sth) (to sb)
(=thank someone in a speech or by writing a letter)
Finally, I'd like to express my sincere thanks to all those who have helped today.
express doubts/reservations
The USA expressed reservations before agreeing to sign the agreement.
Many people have expressed their opposition to the proposals for a new ring road.
express yourself
(=say what you think or feel)
Young children often have difficulty expressing themselves.
He first learnt to express himself through movement at his dance classes.
Words can't express (=it is impossible to describe) how angry we felt.
to show or describe a particular feeling
Many of Munch's paintings express a deep feeling of despair.
3.) sth expresses itself
if something expresses itself, it becomes noticeable
= ↑something reveals itself
Religious faith expresses itself in a variety of ways.
technical to change an amount or quantity into a different form, especially in mathematics
express sth as/in sth
Express three-quarters as a decimal.
The value of the coffee becomes significantly higher when expressed in foreign currency.
if a woman expresses milk, she presses milk out of her breast in order to feed it to her baby later
express 2
express2 adj [only before noun]
[Date: 1300-1400; : French; Origin: exprès, from Latin expressus, past participle of exprimere 'to press out', from premere 'to press'; the idea of 'speed' comes from trains stopping only at specific places, so the complete journey takes less time]
1.) deliberate and for a specific situation
The school was founded with the express purpose of teaching deaf children.
2.) clear and definite
express agreement/consent/authority etc
He is not to leave without my express permission.
Matthew left express instructions to keep all doors locked.
3.) express train/coach/bus
a train or bus that does not stop at many places and can therefore travel more quickly
4.) express post/mail
a system that delivers letters and packages very quickly
5.) AmE designed to help you move through a place more quickly
express lanes on the freeway
an express line at a supermarket (=where people with only a few things to buy go to pay)
express 3
express3 n
1.) [C usually singular]
a train or bus that does not stop in many places and therefore travels quickly
London - Gatwick Express/Orient Express
(=a fast train or bus which does a particular journey regularly)
2.) [U]
a post service that delivers letters and packages very quickly
Send these books by express.
express 4
express4 adv
send/deliver sth express
to send or deliver a letter, package etc quickly using a special post service

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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